Ra K – knitted vascular prosthesis with collagen

This crimped vascular prosthesis is made of polyester filament yarn using knitting technology and is impregnated with bovine collagen (type I)




  • The prosthesis is used directly, without preparation before implantation
  • The prosthesis is strong, elastic, easy to pierce, and it does not fray
  • The wall is provided with a color guiding line
  • When the prostheses are bent they retain a lumen of circular shape
  • The product is sterilized by irradiation
  • The expiration period is 3 years


The knitted vascular prostheses are indicated for all types of reconstruction of arteries where the application of a vascular graft of corresponding lumen is suitable. These types of prostheses can be used in aorto-femoral, ilio-femoral regions, femoro-popliteal region above the knee joint, in the region of extra-cranial arteries and for extraanatomical bypasses.