Testing and Vaccination

Platform Solution

Appointment Management

Test Scheduling

A scheduling and management software platform that enables public and private health organizations to manage the complexities associated with vaccination, including, providing scheduling appointments, vaccination passport with brand & lot number controls, analytics, and monitoring outbreaks.


Efficiently manage requests, appointment schedules and testing sites

Schedule patient testing appointments to nearby locations based on site capacity

Control & triage patient queues, overbooking and arrival times

Understand location capacity, demand and wait times

Keep recipients and staff safe with no-contact patient check-in

Single or multi-testing appointment scheduling ans self-scheduling

Fast and safe recipient check-in

Administration software

Covid-19 Test Vaccination and Scheduling

A booking and appointment software management software that enables public and private health organizations to manage the complexities associated with vaccination or immunization scheduling, including multiple doses and concurrent scheduling.

Validate vaccination elegibility and monitor doses

Control & triage lines/queues, overbooking and arrival times

Schedule appointments at nearby locations based on site capacity (including available vaccine doses)

Promote safety and compliance with pre-screening questionnaries and post-vaccination self-assesment monitoring 

It is highly encripted. All information collected and stored within the system remains protected and secure

It provides real-time data on vaccine availability, distribution, and shipment tracking, giving providers and public health authorities instant updates

Automated patient comunication

Crystal clear appointment details, reminders and instructions

For Individuals

Connects individuals with vaccine distributors, sets up appointments, and walks you through the vaccination process.

For Providers

Pre-registers patients, ensures consent, and manages priority tiers by state and CDC criteria.

For Organizations

Facilitates large-scale Covid-19 testing and vaccination efforts to help your organization return to business.