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COVID-19 Antigen
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COVID-19 PCR Test kits
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COVID-19 Antibody
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Covid-19 Test Kits - Ariss Medical Supplies

Our medical products bridge the gap between the constant need for quality and the increasing demand for savings.

Our quality system is focused on improving all products and complying with regulatory requirements.

Our product line consists of high quality and high demand supplies distributed throughout Latin America.

About Us

Ariss Medical was created in 2001 with the vision to serve North America, South America and the Caribbean markets.

We represent and distribute quality products manufactured in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Our offices have a 7,800 Sq. ft. warehouse which allows us to constantly rotate products in addition to a staff renown medical advisors who endorse the brands we represent.

Our subsidiary companies are located in Ecuador, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, and the Caribbean Islands.

Our product line consists of high quality and high demand medical supplies distributed throughout North America, South America and the Caribbean Islands.

Personal Protection Equipment

Mask 3PLY
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Latex Gloves
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Hand Sanitizer
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Surgical Gown
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Ariss Medical Supplies - PPE and Covid-19 Test Kits

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Full Distribution Service

  • Sourcing

    We partner with top manufacturing companies from USA, Europe and Asia.

  • Import/Export

    Our logistics departments handles all imports and exports operations for a hassle-free transaction.

  • Storage

    We offer several warehouse facilities in the US, South America, and the Caribbean.

  • Sorting

    Products will be repacked in order to fulfill all types of order sizes.

  • Financing

    We provide convenient financing services.

  • Market Feedback

    Our annalists provide market data and analysis to aid decision making.

It is rare nowadays to get so much quality for the price. Truly good work guys. You should be proud of your range of products. You won me over as a lifelong customer. 
Carolina Padron

Your sales support and customer service are far above everyone else we have worked with in the industry. Your customer service representatives are truly knowledgeable about the product and the medical field.
Paolo Espinoza


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We have been distributing medical supplies in South America for 30 years and 20 years in USA. High quality products, highly competitive prices, represent prestigious brands from USA, Europe and Asia, cutting edge technology products, full service distribution, products comply with the world’s most important regulatory agency’s.

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