BI-O.K.® Gas Vials – Ethylene Oxide Biological Indicator Vials

100 per box

  • For use in Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizers
  • Self-contained biological indicators for use in Ethylene Oxide sterilization cycles monitor test packs, ensuring sterilization was completed.

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  • Vials contain paper carrier with Bacillus atrophaeus spores and culture media (ATCC9372, Spore population 1-5 x 106)
  • Results are available after 48 hour incubation at 37°C
  • Fail (growth) test result is indicated by yellow colored media after incubation
  • Pass (no growth) test result will exhibit no color change
  • 2 year shelf life
  • Labels feature a process indicator and an area to record load information
  • Colored coded caps for easy identification of vial: Red for Ethylene Oxide
  • Conform ISO 11138-1: 2017; ISO 11138-2: 2017 requirements


Vials/Box 100
Brand Propper