Needleless Valve Neutral System

Biosite is a neutral pressure valve designed to perform multiple intravenous therapy without the use of needle.

This component has a secure self-sealed barrier designed to minimizes the migration of microorganisms through it. The effective mechanisms reduce (CR-BSI) occlusions and intramural thrombotic infections which are among the most serious patient complications during hospital stays.

This allied of infusion therapies minimizes the impact of catheterization and infection rates of central and peripheral catheters. The neutral pressure prevents thrombi phenomena due to the minimum internal fluid pathway.
Guarantees zero pressure of the fluid displacement, keeping the integrity of the catheter. Ideal for patients with clotting disorders and for those receiving anticoagulant therapy or chemotherapy.

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Outer body of the valve / Biosite has a surface (outer protective layer) enabling smooth and ergonomic in its surface is not easy staying microorganisms – providing a good grip and effective disinfection

Septo / Biosite, flat and smooth outer surface, without physical or grooves, which makes cleaning so time and time anti safe

Microbial barrier / Biosite with microbial barrier designed elastomer, which minimizes the migration of microorganisms through it

Polycarbonate Spike / Biosite polycarbonate sterile Biosite way that allows a laminar flow and continuously, preventing the formation of thrombi to deliver fluids to the vascular space.


  • Easy Disinfection
  • Laminar fluid
  • 120 hours of protection due to its microbial barrier elastomer
  • Zero dead space minimizes Priming volume
  • No displacement of fluid, eliminating reflux for connection and disconnection
  • Componentes Premium libres de DEHP
  • Premium Component deph free
  • Cleaning efficiency. (Flushing)
  • Sealed and reliable internal mechanism to connect and disconnect prevents backflow of blood

Technical Specifications

  • Displacement: -0.008 <> 0ml
  • Back Pressure: 60 psi – 4.14 bar.
  • Negative Pressure: -2.9 psi /-0.2bar.
  • Priming volume: 120ml/min – 7.2 liters / hr
  • Saline Flush
  • Dehp, latex and heparin free
  • Weight: 2.3 gr.