Procol™ Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing

  • A round-edged, self-adhesive, sterile hydrocolloid wound dressing with a semi-occlusive breathable polyurethane film
  • Hydrocolloid interacts with wound exudate to form a soft gel that creates a moist environment conducive to wound healing
  • Matrix formulation promotes vertical wicking and reduces residue in wound as it protects newly formed tissue from maceration
  • Tapered edges prevent dressing from rolling
  • Easily conforms to hard-to-dress areas and irregular wound sites
  • Also available in an extra-thin configuration with a low profile for the management of dry or lightly exudating wounds

Indications: Dermal ulcers, Surgical wounds, Superficial wounds, Lacerations and abrasions, First and second degree burns, Donor sites, Surgical wounds

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